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ATM Security - ATM SAFE

Safe and Vault Company Directors have over 50 years combined experience working within the ATM Security, Banking, electronic security and cash handling sectors.

We have worked at top level with all the major high street Banks and ATM security managers, ATM manufacturers, Police forces, Alarm companies and Heads of ATM cash machine companies. A personal 24 hr support service has been provided, 7 days a week to our valued clients.

Safes, Vaults and ATM Security engineering is our speciality. We have worked on many large security projects and designed security products that have saved the ATM and Banking industry million of pounds by stopping criminals gaining entry and stealing from the cash machine safes or gaining entry to the building.

In February 2014 we launched our new ATM SAFE Security range of products which include,  the fastest and best protection against the ATM safe gas attacks, the ATM Gas Protection – X (GP-X) system, which is design and manufactured by Safe and Vault Company in the U.K. Our innovative ATM SAFE PLUSLOCKS™ range of ATM SAFE™ relocking systems.

April saw the launch of our electronic ATM  security systems and in June 2014 we launched our Strongarm ATM Security fixing system and all our ATM security products at the ATMIA European ATM conference.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your ATM and assets SAFE against the organised and serious criminals.

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