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Security Safes Company

Security Safes

Safe and Vault Company are a leading design, manufacturer and supplier of quality high security safes, vaults, locks and security products. Our security safes and safe security products are manufactured to meet the demands of the insurance companies, Banks, ATM companies, business organisations and the public.

We are proud to provide our safe and vault services from our own workshops and employ our own highly skilled team of safe, vault and electronic engineers. In 2015 Safe and Vault were awarded the Combined Security & Fire Solution of the Year WINNERS by IFSEC and FIREX.

We partner with all the leading security Safe manufacturers and suppliers, so we can offer the largest range of Secure Storage Solutions. The range includes Cash Safes, Fire & Data safes, Deposit Safes, Key Safes, Free Standing Safes, Cupboard and Furniture Safes, Luxury Watch & Jewellery Safes, Hotel Room Safes, Gun Cabinets, Underfloor Safes, Wall Safes, Medical Cabinets, Security Cabinets, Safe Deposit Boxes, Cash Handling Solutions, Strongrooms, Vaults, Vault Doors, Access Control Systems, Safe Locks, ATM Banking Security solutions, Explosive Gas Protection, Security Fogging / Smoke protection, Security Doors, Security Counters, Security Screens & Postboxes.

We can also custom make deposit safes, high security safes, luxury safes, designer safes and physical security solutions to your specific requirements. Please contact Safe and Vault Company and we will deliver beyond your expectations.

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