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Vaults Strongrooms, Panic Rooms

Vaults Strongrooms, Panic Rooms

The Safe and Vault Company Directors have worked with the Banks, Cash In Transit companies, Cash Centers and Cash machine companies for many years, working on many security protection projects ranging from the supply and installation of Vaults Strongrooms and Panic Rooms, vaults, vault doors, cash deposit boxes, air locks and single safe protection upgrades.

Safe and Vault can supply a range of Vaults Strongrooms and Panic Rooms, mobile secure storage options, personal protection panic rooms and safe deposit boxes for business and the public requiring a high security level of protection.

Panic rooms

The panic rooms are designed for domestic properties where there is a high risk of hostage taking or attack. These can equally be applied to high risk commercial environments such as corporate companies operating in volatile countries. They have been specifically designed to enable easy assembly in small spaces and upstairs or basement locations.

Portable Vaults Strongrooms

Transportable vaults strongrooms and vaults show our ability to create products for various different commercial and government sectors. They can be customised for any requirement. The Transporta portable Strongroom is also ideal for Jewellery, Gold and high value exhibitions and events where a tempory portable security solution is required.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our range of Safe deposit boxes are ideal for use in Hotels, Banks & Safe Deposit Centres. We have a range that includes low cost solutions to mid and high end solutions. Combined with our modular vault strongrooms and strongroom vault doors, we can offer the full security service.

Dedicated Vaults Strongrooms Service

Contact our team for a free consultation, design and implementation service today and we will arrange one of our experts to discuss your requirements. Please contact our Helpdesk team for any vaults strongrooms, panic rooms, safe servicing work large or small, business or private on 0113 274 4627

Vaults Strongrooms Panic Rooms

Vaults Strongrooms Panic Rooms

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