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Faqs - Frequently asked questions about Safes and Vaults



    Master Locksmith – Approved Affiliate Member

    Safe and Vault Company Limited are proud to announce we have been given approval to become an Affiliate Member by the Master Locksmith Association. As a manufacture of security products, security safe distributor and service provider, Safe and Vault are very proud of our teams achievement.


  • 2: About Eurosafe

    About Eurosafe

    Eurosafe is an association of safe manufacturers in mainland Europe established over 25 years ago. A sister organisation, Eurosafe UK was launched in March 2011 to represent the interests of British safe makers, and the suppliers and installers of safes and securitycontainers. The primary objective of Eurosafe UK is to restore confidence in European standards for testing and rating cash safes, security cabinets, document fire safes and computer data safes.

    Eurosafe UK will encourage insurers, specifiers, buyers and users to choose cash safes tested and certified by the BRE/LPCB in the UK or European test houses affiliated with the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG) or those products certified by the European Certification Board•Security (ECB•S).

    Member companies will campaign to resist the lowering of security standards by manufacturing and
    supplying high quality, insurance approved products. Those companies specialising in refurbishing used safes undertake to adhere strictly to BS7582: 2005 Code of practice for reconditioning of used safes.

    Member companies will be encouraged to display the Eurosafe logo as a symbol of quality and ethical standards.


  • 3: What is ATM SAFE SECURITY


    ATM SAFE SECURITY™ is our safe and vault product range of  ATM (cash machine) security protection systems. We keep the criminals out with our PLUSLOCK™ range of safe relockers, ATM gas protection GPX stops ATM gas attacks, explosions and fires and our FogAtom™ security fog smoke generators fill the room with a thick dense fog so the thieves cannot see or steal your valuables.

    Our advanced ATM security systems are designed, developed, tested and manufactured by our in-house security and engineering experts.


  • 4: What is the ATM Gas Protection X

    What is the ATM Gas Protection X

    The ATM Gas Protection-X (GP-X) is the most advanced and fastest detection and prevention gas protection solution available for your ATM safe and vault. Explosions are rapidly suppressed in seconds – keeping your ATM estate SAFE against the gas attacks.

    Explosive gas is detected, explosion controlled and fire protected.

    We are pleased to launch the GP-X and finally provide the UK with the most up to date testing knowledge and solution available to make the public, your Staff,  ATM, Business and Bank SAFE against the ATM gas attack.


  • 5: What is the Fog Atom Security Smoke

    What is the Fog Atom Security Smoke

    When an intruder is detected, your room is filled with thick white smoke causing zero visibility and disorientation, immediately forcing the intruder to leave your premises without any personal harm or the opportunity to steal or damage your possessions or property. The FogAtom is designed and manufactured by the Safe and Vault Company.


  • 6: What are ATM Plus Locks

    What are ATM Plus Locks

    PLUSLOCKS™ is a range of highly engineered CNC relocking solutions for safes and ATM safes that can be retro fit to most ATM makes and models of safe, including Diebold, Hyosung,  NCR and Wincor-Nixdorf.

    Our advanced safe re-locking systems are approved by ATM companies, Banks and ATM manufacturers and provide the best physical safe protection available.


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