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GPX Features in Forecourt Trader

Aug 22 2016

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atm gas attack

Fighting back – 17 July, 2016

Crime is a headache for forecourt retailers, but there is an arsenal of equipment options to help them fight back. John Wood reports
Forecourt crime is a major drain on the sector’s finances. Previous surveys have put the cost at more than £30m a year and BOSS (British Oil Security Syndicate) is finalising the results of its latest forecourt crime survey and intends to publish them later in the summer.

Case Study

Criminals have resorted to a highly dangerous way of blowing up cash machines using gas, but Gunnebo has devised a system to foil this type of attack. Gunnebo UK key account manager, Steve Lockhart, says: “Gunnebo’s award-winning ATM Gas Attack Protection (GP-X) has a proven record of success and we are proud to provide solutions that will protect ATMs from any physical type of security threat including ram raid and rip out attacks.
“The GP-X system, which has been developed jointly with Leeds-based Safe & Vault Company, can be retro-fitted or installed at manufacturing stage to any ATM and has already foiled three raids on bank cash machines, saving between £125,000 and £250,000 on each occasion and meaning no loss of business or collateral damage to the building.
“The system, which detects gas, triggers an alarm and prevents an explosion, continues to create a stir throughout the industry and is already being rolled out with three high street banks.
“Potential customers are queueing up and the company is in discussions with other major organisations in the UK and attracting interest from across Europe.
“Gas attacks had been happening in Europe long before they started in the UK. There have been around 200 attacks on UK ATMs over the past four years and GP-X is being seen as a real solution.
“Forecourt managers and owners can talk to their ATM suppliers to find out what their anti-gas attack measures are and we are always happy to give advice.”

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