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ATM SAFE™ Security Protection is our ATM Security protection range of cash machine security products, designed, tested and manufactured in our workshops in Leeds, UK. Our ATM Security protection products are deployed by ATM customers and Banks in the UK and across the world. ATM SAFE™ is The No.1 choice for cost effective, high quality ATM security protection.

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GP-X ATM Gas Attack Protection

​The GP-X is the most advanced and fastest detection and prevention ATM gas attack protection solution available for your ATM. Explosions are rapidly controlled in seconds, fire risk is managed and police alerted, keeping your ATM estate safe against gas attacks. Conducting our own private gas explosion testing sessions were crucial to understanding the gas attacks fully, developing the solution.

The GP-X ATM Gas Attack Protection has been designed for low cost, quick installation, set-up and easy maintenance.

Strongarm HD ATM Ram Raid Protection

The ATM Strongarm provides the most cost effective way of making your cash machine safe from the forced pull out or the ram raiding of your ATM. Tested to exceed 40 tonnes of impact force and connections exceeding 40 tonnes load, the Strongarm HD ram raid system provides an unrivalled level of protection at a low cost.

Pluslock ATM Safe Relocking Protection

Keep the criminals out with our ATM PLUSlocks™ range of safe relockers and relocking systems. Our ATM security products are highly engineered CNC relocking solutions for ATM safes that can be retro fit to most UL standard ATM makes and models of safe, including Diebold, NCR and Wincor-Nixdorf. Our PLUSlocks™ protect against drilling, cutting and Oxy burning to gain access to the ATM cassettes.

Other solutions available in the ATM Security Protection range include our new heavy duty adjustable security plinth, our Pincam™ covert systems, and many more specialist security systems.


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